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About Us

Sumeru IT support provider for your business can be challenging. We understand that each and every business has their own pain points, and we provide a range of technologies and services to solve those business challenges. Our aim is to deliver growth through the use of cutting edge technology and we work in partnership with key vendors to bring our customers the latest technology available to them. We have a broad range of experience across all sizes and types of business.

Our Team brings a wealth of experience across a range of sectors and our consultants work with our clients to identify individual business challenges allowing us to recommend the right solutions.

We have built up a deep knowledge of the unique technology challenges facing many schools and colleges. We offer solutions across standard education areas including PCs, servers and networking and are increasingly helping the education market take advantage of new technologies including tablets.

We offer a range of support solutions for small business including outsourced IT support, perfect for those businesses that are not large enough to house their own internal IT department but understand how important their IT infrastructure is to their business.